PSX 2017 conference

No Conference at Playstation Experience

Early December 2016 saw the Playstation Experience (PSX) stage show where Sony brought everyone up to date with the latest goings on in all things Playstation. The PSX 2017 Conference tho? Nah.

With the official line being “its too close to Paris Games Week for us to do anythingSony is reluctant to call this years PSX a Showcase. There has been rumblings of an Exclusive Presentation which to me sounds like maybe a 5-10 minute sizzle reel then much else.

PSX is still on however, the event will house demos and other such delights from the world of Playstation, just don’t stay up till 3AM to tune in. They have promised some guest speakers and some updates for known about titles, so don’t go expecting any big reveals either.

So far confirmed for the event is the recently announced Ghost of Tsushima and that weird thing Dreams that Media Molecule is developing; which has seemed to flutter in and out of existence over the last 3 years.

More recently I’ve been in to the Games as a Service type attitude so if they give us updates for a load of games that are already out then I’m all for it. This wouldn’t really need a stage presence but would still be cool for the fans, besides I want to know what the mysterious purple escalator in Everybody’s Golf does.

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