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Final Fantasy XV Season Pass is a hell of a deal right now

The Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer expansion Comrades has just been delayed another week, the Season Pass is the way get on board if you’re planning on getting it.

This is totally going to sound like an ad but I fuckin’ love this game, not even sorry. I will even stick some links at the bottom so you can buy it yourself.

While nothing has been announced by Square Enix, I think its a pretty safe bet that the Final Fantasy XV Season Pass is either going to disappear or go up in price once Comrades hits. They would be mad to try and sell the multiplayer alone for almost the same price as the Season Pass considering it is included.

So let’s take a look at what you currently get for your £19.99:

  • Mariachi Costume + some accessories or something
  • Episode Gladiolus
  • Episode Prompto
  • Online Multiplayer Mode Comrades
  • Episode Ignis

That is a bunch of made up words right there, but luckily for you I have played a few of them so I can go in to details.

Episode Gladiolus

Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer

This is a pretty short adventure (about 1 hour) where you play as big boy Gladiolus trying to prove his worth to himself. He doesn’t reckon he is strong enough to protect Noctis but he is going to learn that actually he might be. It plays as a dumbed down version of the main game where you just control Gladio while he is partnered up with Cor the Immortal. You can rip concrete out of the ground and swing it about like a giant baseball bat which is cool.

The main villain of this DLC has a great design, I just wish there was more of him. Comes with a score attack mode and some stuff that unlocks in the main game.

Episode Prompto

final fantasy xv multiplayer

A bit more fully featured then the previous DLC episode, Prompto gets to tear around a new arctic area on a snow mobile. Much less linear than Gladio’s outing, some side quests pop up depending on the time of day. The real draw here is the action gameplay and you get to party up with fan favourite Arenea. The gameplay changes to something more akin to modern Resident Evil with over the shoulder shooting controls, a small (but meaningful) line up of weapons and even context sensitive kill animations.

Once you get on the warpath of the main objective you are shoehorned in till the end but there is fun to be had with the side quests if you give them a bit of time, rewarding you with upgrade parts for you snowmobile. Comes with a Time Trial mode and a costume for the main story.

Comrades Mode

final fantasy xv multiplayer

I haven’t played this mode (it isn’t out yet, and I missed the beta) but is looking to be a hell of an expansion to the main game. Taking place during the World of Ruin period, you can team up with some mates/online randoms/AI bots to take on team based missions while building up your local camp.

While all this online stuff is cool, the game also comes with it’s own single player mode too. While SE didn’t say the single player had it’s own missions, it would seem odd to specify it as it’s own mode if not.

Episode Ignis

Just recently announced with a trailer at Paris Games Week, there is no price yet. Set to come out in December, you can see the trailer below.

So all this is currently available for £19.99, probably until next week. An absolute steal in my opinion.

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