Dragon Ball FighterZ story mode

Dragon Ball FighterZ story mode looks appropriately mental

Goku’s Bizarre Adventure.

I am not particularly knowledgable of the Dragon Ball series, I know its about a guy called Goku who goes around collecting Dragon Balls so he can get a wish from a magic dragon, he has a green mate who looks like an alien and there is a little bald fella in it whose face isn’t drawn properly. It consists of training, fighting and reviving on a constant loop.

This morning another box was ticked on the This-Game-Is-Going-Be-Good chart with the Dragon Ball FighterZ story mode trailer. The mode (as far as I can tell) puts the players mind inside Goku (so you aren’t Goku, but you sort of are) to battle with a load of clones that have turned up thanks to this new original character that was made for the game. The player can then jump around between all the good guys (which I reckon are known as Z Warriors) to assist them in fighting this new threat. Cool.

Dragon Ball FighterZ story mode
These are actually bad guys

The game itself is shaping up to be pretty amazing, a 3 vs 3 fighter (which borrows heavily from the Marvel vs Capcom series) where you can smack the dragon balls out of your mates locally and online. The character count currently sits at a paltry 18 but I am 99% certain there will be more to come.

Initially I was apprehensive about the game as I know nothing of Dragon Ball but in reality the story of fighting games is always a load of wank anyway. The last anime fighter I played was the absolutely sublime Jojos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle which got me in to the series as a whole (I didn’t even know it was based on a manga series when I bought it).

Anyway check out the story mode trailer for Dragon Ball FighterZ below:

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