Decksplash Splash N' Grab ultimatum

Decksplash Splash N’ Grab ultimatum to players

Players have one week to try the game and so long as over 100,000 players download the game, it will get released (otherwise it is “R.I.P.”).

Challenge set

Bossa Studios, who developed the incredible Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread (two of my favourite drunk party games) have issued an ultimatum to gamers this week – play our game or we kill it off.

Desksplash, their latest venture, is currently in development but the team say they are letting players decide whether the game ever makes it to release.

Decksplash Splash N' Grab ultimatum

The “Splash N’ Grab” challenge needs 100,000 players to download the game during the free week (Steam store page) and you can track the progress on the Decksplash website.

If the milestone is reached, the game will release on Early Access on 10th November, and players who enjoyed the game during the free week can carry over any progress into the game.

Here’s the description straight from the Bossa Blog:

The Free Week starts the 2nd of November, lasting until the 10th and here’s the plot twist: if 100,000 people total play Decksplash during that time… then you know what we’ll do? RELEASE THE GAME. (We’re serious)

Some say we’re mad to do it – Maybe we’ve fallen off our decks one too many times. Who knows?! But we’ve made the decision and it’s time to get this Splash N’ Grab on the go! If we hit that magic 100k, Early Access launch WILL happen on the last day (November 10th), however if we don’t have enough players, then it’s R.I.P Decksplash. You can keep track of the progress during this insane venture by watching the Splash N’ Grab meter on the Decksplash Homepage as it updates in NEAR-REALTIME!

We’ll update the meter as we hit the milestones, so you can be as hyped about it as we are.

The team also made a video which explains a bit better about the idea for this challenge:


Bold Move

This is both headline-grabbing news but also quite bold in terms of being open with players about the game’s development.

Simply put, this is making clear to players that the game needs enough players to actually work and make money for Bossa.

If they can’t get 100,000 players to try the game for free, then quite rightly they aren’t optimistic about the game’s chances as a paid title.

The game is an online multiplayer title, so ensuring they have enough players is crucial for the game to actually work.

It’s unusually open for a developer to explain how fragile their game’s development is, although we have recently heard about other studios having to take drastic steps to protect their teams.



While the Splash N’ Grab challenge is certainly getting noticed, what about the actual game?

Well that looks like a fun, colourful multiplayer skateboarding game, like Tony Hawk smashing into a neon sign.

You get to flip, wall ride and grind across maps which get coated with gallons of paint, and you can see why it has been compared to Splatoon.

However, with tons of customisation options available, and enough competitive elements to keep players coming back, this seems to have all the hallmarks of a great game.

The game has actually received a lot of attention from gaming media, which makes the possible cancellation even more shocking.

Decksplash Splash N' Grab ultimatum awards


What do you think of this challenge?

Are you tempted to download Decksplash during the free week?

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