sony paris games week 2017

Sony Paris Games Week 2017 conference news roundup

Sony has used their event at the Paris Games Week to show off new games and a closer look at some of those already announced. We’ve got the biggest announcements for your perusal right here:

The Last Of Us Part II

Whether The Last Of Us needs a sequel or not is a debate that may never be resolved. Nevertheless, The Last Of Us Part II received a nice new extended trailer showing off some jaw dropping graphics and a whole load of drama. Although the game “is still very much about Ellie and Joel“, this trailer features several new characters that will be integral to the plot. There’s no further information on when we can expect to see the game.


Erica looks essentially to be a ‘choose your adventure’ novel for the 21st century, utilising live action video. The game (if we can call it that) is controlled using a smartphone to make choices about how the adventure pans out. This one is going to have to navigate a lot of pitfalls on its journey to retail.

Concrete Genie

An action adventure game starring a boy called Ash who can bring his paintings to life. The title uses the DualShock motion sensor function on the PS4 controller to create pictures that come to life. The developer states that their goal “is for anyone to be able to paint in this game” – even though they’ve picked a control scheme that isn’t necessarily known for its accuracy. Hopefully Concrete Genie will be able to overcome the struggles that similar titles like Okami have faced when it releases in 2018.

Ghost of Tsushima

Set during the 13 century at the time of the Mongol Empire, Ghost Of Tsushima is developed by Sucker Punch but offers only a very brief sneak peek at the combat – certainly not enough to make any real judgement on. Nonetheless, if the gameplay is only half as impressive as the graphics, it will still be very good indeed!

Blood & Truth

Set in modern day London (if London was voiced by Dick Van Dyke), Blood & Truth is a VR title that drops players into the shoes of Ryan Marks – an elite Special Forces soldier who on a mission to save his family from a ruthless criminal overlord. The game promises that players will “come face to face with enemies, uncover secrets and experience the thrill of the chase”.


Codemasters wants to bring back the thrill of over-the-top arcade racing. If you’re sick of games that focus on choosing tyres and tweaking set-ups and long for some physics-defying, fast-paced, all-action racing then ONRUSH could be it. A racing game that celebrates everything about the iconic arcade titles of yesteryear coupled with fresh visuals, dramatic slow-motions and furious speed. The game is currently scheduled for Summer 2018.

Spelunky 2

There’s nothing here other than a reveal for Spelunky 2. However, it’s unlikely to veer too far from the concept of the original where you play as a spelunker exploring procedurally generated underground tunnels and gathering as much treasure as possible whilst avoiding traps and enemies.

You can see all of these trailers and many more during the full conference video below:

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