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LLC Podcast Episode 26: Mario Away from Home

This weeks episode covers the more obscure Super Mario games where the plucky little plumber wasn’t even on a Nintendo console.

Gary, Oliver and Craig take on some of the darker parts of Mario’s past including such titles as Mario Teaches Typing and Mario Bros: When I grow up. We reference some pictures in this episode which can be found at our Instagram account here. The episode also includes favourites and a quiz as always. It is a pretty good episode if I may say so myself, which I may.

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Time Stamps

0:00:00 – Intro

0:001:00 – Fact Dump

0:10:30 – Super Mario Bros: When I grow up

0:16:00 – Mario Teaches Tpying

0:19:15 – Hotel Mario

0:25:00 – Mario Teaches Typing 2

0:28:15 – Mario Kart Arcade GP

0:36:30 – Super Mario Run

0:38:00 – Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Reveal

0:40:00 – Super Mario Run’s Impact on Nintendo

0:48:00 – Mario on Ice

0:51:00 – Quiz

0:59:15 – Favourite Mario Games

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