lego dimensions cancelled

Lego Dimensions cancelled – no more bricks in the wall

Warner Bros. has confirmed that they are pulling the plug on the Lego Dimensions series after just two years.

Clearly it’s the week for cancellations, because Warner Bros. has announced that they are ending production of the Lego Dimensions series. They posted the following statement on their Twitter account:

lego dimensions cancelled

The cancellation is somewhat surprising given the Lego franchise is currently firing on all cylinders – indeed The Lego Ninjago Movie debuted atop the UK box office just a week ago, just eight months after The Lego Batman Movie did exactly the same.

It’s more likely that the decision to discontinue Lego Dimensions reflects the diminishing popularity of the toys-to-life genre, which saw Disney Infinity exit the market last year. Even the flagship Skylanders brand is taking a year off with no new game scheduled for 2017 – a first since the series launched.

lego dimensions cancelled

Despite the inconvenience of having loads of little Lego pieces lying around and the fact that the game requires you to keep getting up and down to change the pieces on the toy pad, Lego Dimensions in itself is one of the better toys-to-life games. The series features a huge array of franchises and characters that could play alongside one another – from Ghostbusters, The Simpsons and Harry Potter through to Sonic The Hedgehog, Scooby-Doo and Back To The Future. But more impressively, the game managed to rope in the majority of the original voice actors from the series’ featured to record new material.

Although WB are pledging to continue supporting Lego Dimensions, the reality is that toys-to-life games are fairly dependent on physical retail space and with no further updates planned, it’s likely the series will soon join Disney Infinity in Poundstretcher the unlikely final resting place of the toys-to-life phenomenon.

The big question now is whether Skylanders will follow suit or buck the trend for cancellations following its 2017 hiatus…

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