Top Five Easiest Video Game Halloween Costumes

Going to a party next week and in a bit of bind? Let us help you with this list of the cheapest and easiest video game halloween costumes.

Halloween used to be about spooks and scary stuff but now its just a reason to dress up as anyone you want (as long as that someone isn’t yourself). Unfortunately the cost of fancy dress goes way up at this time of year so if you want to save some money and go minimal effort, these costumes are for you.

Don’t worry we made sure they were all instantly recognisable as well so nobody will know you are a dirty nerd.

5. Andy Murray – Virtua Tennis 4

easiest video game halloween costumes

Andy Murray from Virtua Tennis 4 has become a country wide sweetheart. Managing to break out of the video game medium and grow immensely in popularity, anyone will instantly recognise this gaming icon.

You might have to give them a nudge to remind them that you are infact dressed as the Vita version of Murray (subtitled World Tour) but apart from that, it is an easy costume for anyone that has some running shorts laying around.

How To:

  • Literally any sporting gear
  • Add a Tennis Racket

4. Green Herb – Resident Evil

easiest video game halloween costumes

This one gets extra points as it is from an actual Horror video game, harkening back to the days when Halloween was actually scary. The Green Herb is synonymous with the Resident Evil series and healing in general. If you can get two mates who have never met to go as Red and Yellow you can act as the social lubricant and combine yourselves in to a night full of life.

(Note: A Blue friend will be necessary if someone has been poisoned).

How to: 

  • Plant yourself nicely in some soil around a week before the party.
  • Have a friend come round and water you daily
  • Bloom in to a beautiful herb.
  • Go to the party as is, or smash yourself up in to some powder and then fold yourself in to some paper.

3. Luso Clemens – Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Now if someone says “Do you play video games?” I say “Does Luso Clemens of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift wear layers?” and it always gets a laugh.

While this one might be a bit of a pain when it comes to using the toilet, people will be lining up to have their picture taken with little Luso. You can throw this costume together with stuff you find around the house as well, so it is one of the cheapest options (doesn’t even require a tennis racket).

How To:

  • Grab your beanie or beret and put a backwards cap on underneath.
  • Attach plates to your elbows and funnels to your ankles.
  • Put some tights on, then shorts on, then add overalls and roll them up to match the length of the shorts.
  • Tie a dirty green blanket around your waist and add a messenger bag with a book.
  • Roll in glue.
  • Spin around in Claire’s Accessories.
  • Pull out your sink/draining board from your kitchen worksurface and carry it on your shoulder. Retain plug chain for added effect (but you won’t need it, it is recognisable as is).

2. Pikachu – Pokemon

easiest video game halloween costumes

The electric mouse is the most famous Pokemon by far and get this; Primark sell Pikachu onesies. I know onesies are a bit uncool, but its Halloween so you’re supposed to look like a wasteman. Coming in at around £12 this is a cheap and easy option for Pokemon lovers everywhere. Also remember how popular Pokemon Go was last year? That could be you.

How To:

  • Go to Primark and buy the onesie
  • Go to party.

1. Scarab Tank – Halo 3

easiest video game costumes

Halo was huge back in the day, I think it was 10 years ago that Halo 3 came out and we hit peak Xbox Live fuelled hate speech. While that has died down in recent years, Halo is still very popular among certain circles. The Scarab is a famous set piece in Halo 3, forcing the player to scale the beast and take it down from the inside.

Now you can be the tank and ask your fellow party goes to get inside you and take you down a peg.

How To:

  • Grow to 150x your human size.
  • Cover yourself in purple sheet metal.
  • Add a handful of Alien Technology.
  • Learn the Halo Theme tune, be ready to hum it on command.
  • Crawl around on all fours and stand menacingly at the end of rooms completely still.

That’s it, I hope you got some new ideas for your costume this year so you don’t have to rely on “murderer” or “ghost” again for the fourth year running.

If you have any better ideas or can think of something we missed please leave them in the comments below or come at us on Twitter.

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