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Sociable Soccer out on Early Access today

The game which cancelled its own Kickstarter has found another way into the market today, coming out on Steam as an early Access title.

Nearly a Knockout

Sociable Soccer, the game by veteran soccer developer Jon Hare, has had a difficult time getting to this point. Jon Hare was lead developer for the classic Sensible Soccer (along with other gems like Cannon Fodder) and felt that this type of quick-fire football game was lacking in today’s market.

He set out several years ago to create Sociable Soccer, a spiritual successor, which appeared on Kickstarter back in 2015. At the time, although there appeared to be plenty of hype surrounding the game, and the prototype looked fantastic, the Kickstarter only reached around £32,000 out of a £300,000 target, and was cancelled by Hare. Hare was determined to bring the game to market, and there were rumours of several publishers interested despite the poor Kickstarter performance.

Today, the game has finally made it to Steam and fans can get early access for £14.99 which seems very reasonable.


Early Access to the Early Access

Last weekend, Hare presented a guest panel at Play Expo Manchester, demonstrating the game ahead of the Early Access release. While we didn’t get a chance to speak to Hare at the event, I fondly remember Sensible Soccer and look forward to getting my hands on an updated version including online multiplayer (coming soon) and a boss mode where you “upgrade your boss character by winning international trophies with clubs from around the world (minimum 100 hours campaign)”. Schweet.


Sinister Rival

While we were at Play Expo, we did manage to speak to another developer – Antony Ball – who pretty much developed his own spin on the soccer franchise in a couple of months – Sinister Soccer – complete with fantastic zoom-in-from-space map animation (a la Google Maps) only with a live game of soccer being played in the stadium (grainy video below).

I’ll be publishing the full article with Antony in the near future.

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