Super Mario Odyssey new levels and trailer on show

Super Mario Odyssey, the game that will soon pay for that-extension-to-the-mansion for a few dozen Nintendo executives, showed off some more goodies this weekend including gameplay of new levels.

Super Mario Odyssey new levels

Super Trailer Odyssey

The full trailer has been released – five full minutes of Mario and Cappy goodness – which shows off the key features again and the fun you will inevitably have with the new game:

Some extras were given highlights too, such as the various minigames available to find, the Assist Mode which whacks huge arrows across the world to show where you need to go, and Snapshot Mode which lets you take pics during your adventures which can apparently be exported as phone wallpapers.

The two-player feature, where you control Cappy separately to take down baddies, also looks like a laugh (although maybe more as a drop-in, not sure if the full game would be as engaging for Player Two).

The trailer shows off the variety and creativity which is coming to a portable console near you soon, but only in shiny fit-for-trailer format. How about several Super Mario Odyssey new levels played as the Nintendo World Championships finale!?!

World Championship Finale

Yes, with several weeks left before the game’s official release on 27 October 2017, the game got a showing at this weekend’s NWC2017 – where players John Numbers and Thomas G brought the event to a brilliant climax with several levels of the upcoming title:

The first challenge was a 2D/3D level with timed button puzzles and those classic pipes leading to switched perspectives. The second challenge was a race to the summit of a cartoon glowing tower against a bright pink sky, with a sort of semi-pinball mechanic to flick yourself upwards. Finally an ice level which requires Cappy-turing Bullet Bills to progress and take on the boss – freaky rock head and fists.

So yeah, looks like the game is getting a nice selection of levels to try and you can already imagine the speedrunning videos through these beauties.

Are you looking forward to Odyssey?

Which new level did you like best?

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