Junkrat explodes

Junkrat explodes into the Nexus!

Another Overwatch character joins the exciting cast of Heroes of the Storm, this time Junkrat explodes into the fray. Check out his abilities here!

The Aussie explosives enthusiast, say that fast three times, is due in the Nexus soon. He looks just as joyfully manic as in the FPS. Therefore you have all the mines, bombs and riptyres you come to expect with this giggling loon.  That’s right Junkrat explodes stuff. The beautiful thing about incorporating an Overwatch hero is that most of their kit does come straight over. However he has had that extra little bit of polish to really fit that MOBA mould.

Here’s an overview!

Personally I’m pretty chuffed at his inclusion. The lunatic is a personal favourite of mine in Overwatch and having him creating merry hell in the Nexus is pretty neat.

Although while we’re here, how about checking out some of the Halloween content in development for the game. It appears in classic Blizzard fashion they are going to go all out for another seasonal event, which is one of the coolest aspects of their titles.

Excited for Junkrat? What Blizzard favourite do you want to join Heroes next? Let us know in the comments!

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