Telltale Batman Russian

Telltale use Russian Diplomat corpse in silly Batman Game

Someone’s getting fired for this one, oooowweeeee.

In December last year a Russian Diplomat, Andrey Karlov, was assassinated while he gave a speech on an exhibition in an art gallery in Turkey, while it made world news I don’t remembering hearing much about it after as the assassin was killed on the scene. The incident produced some super chilling images that look like something straight out of a Bond movie (except much worse because it’s real life), here is a little recap written by up and coming news site CNN.

Fast forward to today and we see that Telltale have used the very same photo of Karlov’s body in Batman: The Telltale Series that we saw when the news was breaking last year. I am going to post both the pictures now, this is your warning. They aren’t graphic or anything it’s just a bit unsettling.

Telltale Batman Russian

Telltale Batman Russian

I can see how something like this could slip through the cracks, but emphasis on the word like. The fact that this made it in to the final game without anyone noticing is quite mad, isn’t it? Even if someone has accidentally let this slip from mood board stage to final development asset they should still have someone keeping track of the license holder of the original image, just in case it ever gets published (which it now has). If they had asked for permission to the use the image for a video game it would have set off some red flags somewhere.

I should think the game will be getting pulled from digital store fronts as speak ready to be patched while the person/people responsible are being literally ejected from the Telltale offices.

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