A goose loose aboot this hoose (Untitled Goose Game)

Untitled Goose Game looks like a beautiful, cheeky slant on the stealth genre, where you get to play as a goose causing mischief and mayhem.

This short “pre-alpha gameplay video” (whatever that means) was released on Youtube yesterday, giving our first in-depth look at the gameplay and art style for the game. The game sets you tasks to achieve, such as “stealing the groundskeeper’s keys” and “get the groundskeeper wet” which you complete by generally goosing around the place.

Untitled goose game screenshot 1

The teaser shows the goose nicking sandwiches, causing distractions with a stolen radio and the brilliant “press X to honk” (video game control of the year contender), it appears you have plenty of scope to approach tasks in your own way. Whether you hide in the bushes or try to outrun the groundskeeper is a decision you will need to make in the heat of the moment! 

Untitled goose game screenshot 2

The game is being developed by House House, the team that brought us the bizarre party spectacular Push Me Pull You, which put players in control of a strange two-headed penis character to score goals.

Now we get a glimpse of what House House have been working on… and I kinda already love it! The graphics are gorgeous and being able to inhabit my spirit animal to cause nuisance just sounds brilliant!

Untitled goose game screenshot 3

The name “Untitled Goose Game” may sound like a working title but I wouldn’t put it past House House to leave it that way! Push Me Pull You was equally simple and self-descriptive, so aside from the logical paradox introduced by titling a game about a goose as “Untitled Goose Game” then I think it works! Sadly their Twitter feed mentions they are working on a “currently-untitled game about a goose” which implies the title will change (boo).

We have no further details – not even the platform(s) the game will be available on – other than the game is expected to be released in 2018. I’m planning to get my hands on this juicy goose on release day.

Do you like the look of the Untitled Goose Game?

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