New South Park game fart could be yours

Yes, I almost cannot believe I am writing this sentence but… the upcoming South Park game could feature your fart.

If you wanted to devise a marketing campaign for a mature and respectable entertainment property like South Park, you couldn’t do much better than this one.

Between now and the 16 October, Ubisoft are running a competition for the best user-submitted fart, with the winner getting to fly out to San Francisco for a professional recording and see your fart get added into the actual game.

Video Nasty

There are tons of entries (shouldn’t that be “exits”) currently which you can watch, either to sniff out the competition or just for shits and giggles.

The artistic direction people have chosen really is the key decider for me. Many have videos of close-up fart action, which are usually quite boring, but you can also find some with facial expressions caught on camera as well. It’s those strained, dedicated faces that get my vote, especially with a slight twinge of satisfaction at the end.

South Park fart

Look ma, I’m famous!

The big news here is that the fartiness from the first game (which was the equivalent of magic in the boys’ fantasy world) will be ramped up for the sequel. Clips from the sequel show limited flying may be possible with a simple butt blast, realising one of my deepest childhood dreams.

It shows how much the developers care about their fans when they want to include fan farts within the game. One lucky gamer will have contributed to both a work of serious artistic merit at the same time as doing your bit for global methane emissions.

The upcoming game has been impressing me so far with the real-life issues (and smells) it will tastefully consider. The Fractured But Whole is due out on 17 October 2017 on PS4, Xbox and PC.


The lucky winner will be announced on Monday 23 October and can then let their colleagues know exactly how they won that holiday to America.

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