FIFA18 tops UK chart despite terrible Switch port

Hold onto your hats as the completely unexpected(!) news just in – FIFA18 topped the UK charts last week, knocking Destiny 2 into 2nd place.

The official figures from Chart Track show that FIFA18 topped the overall entertainment chart, and the charts for the consoles separately. Interestingly though, the Switch version accounts for less than 3% of UK sales (including the legacy Xbox 360 and PS3 versions), with the PS4 version counting for 60% (up from 53% last year) and the XBox One version brought in around 37%.

FIFA18 tops UK chart

Switching things up

It should come as no surprise that FIFA would top the charts, but the relatively poor performance for the Switch version is more shocking – especially given the media hype around Nintendo getting a “current gen” version of FIFA. What many people did not expect was a stripped-down, half-functional version of the game which appears to include very few of the major improvements available on the XBoxOne, PS4 editions, including:

  • Does not use the new Frostbite graphical engine
  • The new story mode – The Journey: Hunter Returns – is missing
  • No matchmaking for online games (more Nintendo’s fault due to the poor online options for parties/friends)
  • Squad Battles and Weekend League in the Ultimate Team mode
  • Transfer negotiations and other recent enhancements to the Career mode
  • Other details such as new fan chants, lighting and pitch effects

Last-gen port?

The lack of many recent improvements has led many to feel this is a last-gen port of a FIFA game – more akin to FIFA16 for other consoles – only delayed by 2 years. Many gamers have taken to social media to express their annoyance at this version:

I did find one reviewer felt that this improves the experience on the Switch, making the gameplay faster and like an arcade title (although that was from the Daily Star, so take from that what you will).

Whatever your feelings on the gameplay experience – players are still likely to get annoyed at being charged full-price, expecting a current-gen version of the game – only to find that half of the recent innovations have been forgotten.

It even feels like a cheap shot that the EA page for the Switch version has an immediately-obvious footnote visible at the bottom of the page, stating:



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