Oddworld Soulstorm Trailer

New Oddworld Soulstorm trailer is bleak as hell

Oddworld Soulstorm has been drip-fed to the public through social media campaigns over the last few months or so. Yesterday evening we got an actual look at a trailer for the new game.

Oddworld is a series with light humour but some seriously dark themes, usually starring characters that are fighting for their right to live instead of being eaten or enslaved by another race. I first played the series when it launched on Playstation back in 1997 (I was six!) and distinctly remember seeing the bad ending. It scarred me for a long time as I had been totally charmed by Abe and the Mudoken race while the darker themes of the game and flown over my little head, until that ending of course.

Cut to yesterday evening and we have the new trailer for the latest game in the franchise, Soulstorm. Taking it’s name from the in-universe Soulstorm Brew drink, the game promises to be more complex than it’s predecessors thanks to the explosive nature of Soulstorm. Mudokens now come in a larger variety of shapes and sizes and can be put to work helping Abe take down the main financial pillars of the Soulstorm Brewery.

In the trailer we can see the working conditions for the Mudokens definitely hasn’t improved since the soft reboot of the series New n’ Tasty, and the disconnect between the visuals and music make the atmosphere much more overbearing.

Check out the trailer below and find out for yourself what is happening to Abe’s friends. Let me know whats up if you love Oddworld.

(Also how lairy is this YouTube thumbnail? Its the official one.)

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