Spelunker Party Switch

Spelunker Party coming to Switch + PC on October 19th


Spelunker is an absolute gem of a series. Starting on the NES way back in the late 80s; Spelunker stars a plucky little explorer who is incredibly fragile. He can jump about 1.5x his length but can only fall half his height. Anything more than that will be the death of him.

As much as brushing up against a steam jet, having a bat shit on you, standing under your own flare, being too near your own bomb, stepping on a snake, incorrectly dismounting a ladder/rope, tripping on a rock while being chased by a boulder and running out of oxygen all equal instant death for the poor little guy. That isn’t even counting the paranormal enemies you will face in the caves either.

The Switch version is a bit of a mystery, the reveal trailer is only 15 seconds long and the game is slated to come out in about 3 weeks. Looking like it borrows a lot of assets from the pretty bad free-to-play PS4 version, the game is set to go back to it’s normal, paid for format. 100 levels with 4 player local and online play and there is no doubt in my mind the racing mode is in there as well.

From the PS4 version we do get some customisation elements that weren’t previously available, but hopefully they are cosmetic only. Part of the fun of the older Spelunker games was actually getting better as a player against insane odds, rather than having the game levelling and powering you up. We actually gave the NES version a spin, right here.

Check out the trailer below and get the theme song stuck in your head forever, cheers.

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