Super Mario Run Update

Nintendo have sold me on Super Mario Run with new update

Super Mario Run was Nintendo’s second foray in to mobile gaming, it was more of a stumble than a run but it wasn’t exactly terrible either.

Super Mario Run fell flat on it’s little Italian face for a few reasons. The first major issue is that the game is actually hidden behind an in-app purchase. I use the term hidden loosely as while people who play video games (so you, dear reader) would know in advance that only the games first few stages were actually free, casual users were faced with a surprise £7.99 purchase if they wanted the rest. Nah mate, you’re alright.

Next up we have the Wii U and 3DS consoles, for some (such as myself) I couldn’t see the point in buying a stripped back Mario game on my iPad when I could play any of the 2D games available for those systems. Now I own a Switch I am literally disgusted with the idea of touching either of those consoles again. Where do I get my 2D Mario fix from now?

Well Nintendo have announced a big update for Mario Run featuring:

  • A nice big 50% off price
  • A new character in the form of Princess Daisy
  • A new world (World Star)
  • Quick Fire mode (randomly grabs sections of pre-existing levels)
  • Ability listen to your own music, giving your character little headphones, nice.

With this update and price drop rolling around this Friday (29th of September) I am going to be grabbing this.

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