Fortnite cross-platform play featured

Fortnite cross-platform play between Xbox One and PS4 switched on

After months of their official position being made clear by Sony executives, one game appears to have taken the “cross-platform” issue into their own hands and silently switched on play between Xbox and Playstation gamers.

Fortnite cross-platform play

Reddit reports

Reports starting breaking on Reddit that several Xbox gamertags were visible to Playstation players, and following some more investigation many examples of cross-platform play have been found, including a sweet “father and son” story of breaking down the walls that divide us…. (except that you chose to get your son a different console, you terrible parent).

Fortnite cross-platform play
The suspicions were raised when Playstation players spotted gamertags containing spaces (which are not permitted for Playstation names), and started to investigate. The gamertags were checked, and these players have only played Fortnite using their Xbox One accounts, rather than a linked PC account.

The investigation continued and evidence started mounting up, including full gameplay videos of Xbox and Playstation gamers, and several back-to-back shots of players sitting next to each other with their respective consoles logged into the same match.

Epic games later confirmed that cross-platform play had been turned on within Fortnite, although the reason given is slightly surprising.

Fortnite cross-platform play

Configuration issue

Publisher Epic Games would have been treading a dangerous line by switching on cross-platform play without Sony‘s blessing, but they have since stated that this was turned on by accident, telling Ars Technica that “We had a configuration issue, and it has now been corrected”. 

Sony have made clear their (BS) reasons for not permitting cross-platform play, but now we have hard proof that it’s possible! The world does not appear to have blown up, and no children have been traumatically affected by allowing Xbox and Playstation gamers to join together.

While the cross-platform play has been shut down (for now) this simply gives more ammunition against Sony‘s prohibitive stance on cross-platform play. It is not only possible, it can even be accidentally switched on with a configuration error, and players were happily playing across platforms without issue.

Xbox head Phil Spencer, when asked about the issue via Twitter, said that he “would have liked to see them leave it on”:


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