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Who is going to win Christmas 2017 and why? #Community

Our next big #community question for this week:

Who is going to win Christmas 2017 and why?

We asked the LLC gang and our readers who they thought will win Christmas 2017 – here are the results!

Overwatch Christmas

Matt (LLC)

I think the Switch will take Christmas 2017…. so long as they can keep them in stock!

Ninty will actually have a decent lineup on the Switch once Mario Odyssey and some of the indie titles hit the shelves…. so unless the Nintendo supply chain falls over then I think they have this one in the bag!

Jack (LLC)

On September 29th a fairly unknown game called FIFA (pronounced fee-faa) will be released and devoured by millions in the Christmas period. This will be the two thousand and eighteenth version of the game released and immediately see it’s previous years iteration  drop in price to £2.50 and a packet of crisps in CEX.

Gameplay is based on “lancer la tête”; a French game originating from the 17th century where peasants would kick around the decapitated heads of guillotined subjects all the way up to the local common. Fast forward a few hundreds years and now the peasants kick around a leather ball instead. Also the peasants are paid the price of a hospital wing to do so.

FIFA 2018 will be supported on all major consoles as well as some wifi enabled smart-kettles.

Oliver (LLC)

Breath of the Wild came out earlier this year as I am sure you are aware, it was looking to scoop up GOTY awards left and right and everyone lost their collective shit for a few months over little Link in his little pants.

The only possible game that could knock that off of everyone’s GOTY pick list would be Super Mario Odyssey. It might not sell the most this holiday but it is going to knock the critics off their feet.

Super Mario Odyssey

Craig (LLC)

It’s wide open this year, which is really exciting. Invariably FIFA will be the top selling game, even though there seems to be less hype this year.

The SNES Mini demand is going to be insane as it’s the perfect stocking filler. The Switch has a killer line-up for a console that has only been on the market for six months but the install base isn’t yet big enough for the software to dominate sales – although Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart will likely be must-haves for new owners.

I think the Xbox One X will surprise a lot of people (including everyone at LLC) and will see high demand. Microsoft‘s PR for the machine has been tons better than Sony‘s for the PlayStation Pro and people actually know what the upgrade is and what they’re getting for their money. How close the hardware race is between Microsoft and Nintendo will probably depend entirely on stock availability.

Sony may actually have a ‘quiet’ year. I can’t really see a huge surge in console sales because there aren’t any major exclusives coming. But their market share is big enough for them to comfortably tick along and they’ll probably be quite happy being the lead format for multi-platform titles.

NES Mini stock 2018


Twitter poll results

Finally, we went onto social media to get your votes for the Christmas 2017 winner – and here are the results!

Thanks to everyone who joined in this community discussion!

We’ll be back soon with more!

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