ClusterPuck 99 Switch

ClusterPuck 99 Brings 8-player Madness to the Switch

ClusterPuck 99 is a party-sports game where you must fire a puck in to your opponents goal while avoiding spikes, ledges and your friends/enemies.

ClusterPuck 99 brings 8-player local multiplayer to the Nintendo Switch in frenetic sports action. Developed by PHL Collective and published by Coatsink the title has over 30 pre-made boards for you to smash your mates about in as well as a level editor, single player challenges and customisable pucks. Cool.

While the title is currently available on Xbox One and Steam, the Switch is well suited to this sort of game. The console itself comes with two joy-cons (you can use up to eight) so if you know someone else with a Switch thats four controllers already. Throw in some creative board layouts to play on and some smack talk you’ll have a long night of fun ahead of you.

The trailer is below but in short; the game is like Rocket League and Hockey combined and put through an abstract, minimalist filter.

There is currently no set release date, but when we know we will let you know.

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