fight of gods

Fight of Gods tries to make a game around one shit idea

Fight of Gods is a fighting game where you can play as Jesus Christ. Uh-huh. Hm.

I’m just going to preface this by saying not only do I not have any religious leanings or beliefs whatsoever, I am also woefully ignorant in all matters religion. Maybe that is why this joke-turned-videogame doesn’t work on me? Who knows.

Fight of Gods is the latest shit shack to appear on Steam and everything you could need to know about it is up there in the headline. It is a crappy fighting game that mainly focus arounds the fact you can play as various Gods and religious figures. Religious figures fighting! Ain’t that just an absolutely hilarious prospect! HA!

The trailer below features other religious characters like Moses (who as far as I know isn’t a God)and Buddha but it mainly focuses on Immortal Kombat (I lifted that from the trailer) and some piss poor gameplay. Yippee.

Check it out if you hate yourself (and want to doom yourself to hell for eternity).

Fight of Gods released today in early access so you can only imagine what they will be adding in the future. Except you don’t have to imagine because they are doing a vote for which religious figure enters the fray next.

Take a punt for £3.35 or don’t, I literally don’t give a shit.

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