What is your favourite game of 2017 so far? #Community

Another post where we get the community involved in the discussion about our favourite game of 2017 so far. So we went out and asked the LLC gang and the community for their top title so far this year:

favourite game of 2017

Anjum (Facebook)

It’s probably the obvious choice but Breath of the Wild is amazing. The open world is brimming with things to do but doesn’t clutter the map with you having to collect lots of chotskys.

John (Facebook)

I’ve hated every single game I’ve actually bought this year, so I’d have to say blood bowl 2 legendary edition though it isn’t out until the 5th I know I like it.

Naomi (Facebook)

Gotta be Yakuza 0. Immersive story (the INCREDIBLY long cutscenes did help to absorb the complex narrative), fun fight system and gameplay, many collectibles but best of all a bafflingly huge range of bat-shit crazy mini-games (of which my favourite was the hostess simulation).

Matt (LLC)

My favourite game so far this year – based on time played and time I expect to keep playing – will have to be: Cities: Skylines.

I played this for absolutely hours on my crappy laptop where I had the settings on minimum, but I didn’t care. Building those highways and train lines, managing your growing districts and then watching the whole metropolis get washed away when you stupidly place a hydro-electric dam. Rebuilding the whole thing from scratch just to watch those happy faces appear again, this time adding a beautiful little park and pedestrian area near the waterfront.

The game came out on PS4 last week, meaning I obviously bought it and fired it up at the weekend. While only the vanilla no-mods experience (and slightly buggy in places) the game is still every bit as wonderful and time-draining as on PC. I have started giving myself little design challenges and managing to get the bastard to construct the roads I want has become half of the fun.

Christien (LLC roadie/tech guru/fanboy)

Horizon: Zero Dawn for sure!

Jack (LLC)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Reason why:

Around 15 hours in I entered a shrine. It was pretty simply. A ball would drop from the air into a maze. Using the WiiU pad (not a Switch as I’m just a poor boy and no body loves me) you have to physically rotate the ball through the maze and out the exit. After about eight attempts, and being the crafty lad I am, I thought I’d see if I could just turn the entire WiiU pad upside down. Sure enough it worked. The ball landed on a flat area and I easily rolled the ball out the maze.

Tess (LLC)

Persona 5

Listening to the Podcast proves I’m a dedicated follower of hype (which is how I ended up with a Switch and a copy of Zelda on release day). So it stands to reason that I’d be all over BotW as well. I’m not.

My favourite so far comes as a late pick of Persona 5 (I finally got my grubby little mitts on it last month). Atlus has truely created a masterpiece and as someone who was (before this) a hardcore turn-based JRPG virgin, I  feel like enjoying this is a huge step in widening my gaming scope. That, and I can’t put the bloody thing down. I’ll hold off with reasons why this is great, I expect it’ll make my GOTY and I’ll need something to gush about then!

Thanks to everyone who joined in for this community post!

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