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Our Nindies Showcase highlights

Yesterday’s Nindies showcase featured 20 games coming to the Switch over the next six months or so.

There were a lot of games shown in the 20 minute presentation (which you can see here). The major announcement was No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, but there was a lot more besides that. We’ve picked out some of the more notable trailers for your perusal.

Super Meat Boy Forever

The endless runner sequel to the punishing Super Meat Boy will see the titular character and Bandage Girl attempting to save baby Nugget from Dr. Fetus. Although the original presentation suggested this would be a timed Switch exclusive, Team Meat have since said this was a mistake. Even the brief look at the gameplay gave us sweaty palms. Super Meat Boy Forever is due in 2018.

Mom Hid My Game

If you followed our crApps series on YouTube, you’ll already be familiar with this one (previously known as Hidden My Game By Mom Escape Room). You are tasked with helping a child recover his handheld game console, which has been hidden by mom. It’s an absurd take on the escape room genre and will be coming to the Switch and 3DS with additional content before the end of the year.


Launching first for the Switch – next month in fact. This bloody side-scrolling arcade brawler set in ancient Roman Britain shows just how far Nintendo have come from the days of censoring Mortal Kombat. The cel-shaded graphics rendered at 1080p look lovely and the game features real-life locations. History was never this fun when we were at school…


This 3D action-adventure game is based on the culture of the Tarahumara. You play as a Sukurúame fighting against an enemy corrupting the land, while drawing upon the powers of demigods. There’s a bit of an Okami vibe about this game, with its distinctive art style. It arrives on the Switch early next year.

Morphies Law

If nothing else this wins the award for worst game title of 2017. Morphies Law is an Unreal 4v4 third person shooter where hitting your opponent allows you to steal their body mass – the better you are, the bigger you become and the easier you are to hit. It looks ridiculous, but with the success of SplatoonMorphies Law could well be a surprise hit. We’ll find out later this year.

Away: Journey To The Unexpected

On first glance this looks like a run-of-the-mill anime JRPG, with a talking frog sitting in the toilet and a creepy anthropomorphic tree as standard fare. Except it’s actually a first-person anime title, which should guarantee it some attention when it arrives early 2018. Not sure that stick looks like much of a weapon though…

Yono and the Celestial Elephants

A Switch exclusive that was hands-down the cutest part of the Nindies showcase. Whether this colourful puzzle-adventure has any depth beneath its cutesy exterior is yet to be seen, but it certainly looks the part at the moment. It might not even matter – how could you possibly say no to the adorable Yono?

Floor Kids

If you’ve been feeling like there’s an Elite Beat Agents-shaped gap in your game library then Floor Kids could be just the remedy. Featuring original music by DJ Koala, this rhythm-action game promises single and multiplayer options, with hundreds of moves to learn across various stages.

Sausage Sports Club

This one is going to be incredibly divisive – a competitive physics game featuring floppy necked animals competing on a reality TV show (because, why not?). From the trailer screenshot alone some people will write this one off, whilst for others it’s definitely going to have some appeal. We’ll find out if it’s any good within the next few months.

We’re really pleased to see Nintendo reaffirming their commitment to indie developers with their Nindies showcase. After years of producing inaccessible hardware for small developers, their new approach is a positive step (you can read what it’s like to work with Nintendo here) and bodes well for the future of the Switch.

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