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Lost Legacy Thieves UK Top Spot from Crash

It is safe for you all to walk the streets again, Crash Bandicoot’s two month sales chart reign over the UK has finally come to an end. It just took a newer, shinier Naughty Dog game to do it.

Despite there being a few big releases over the last couple of months, Crash Bandicoot has managed to keep his gross little fingerless gloves on the top seller crown until now. Splatoon 2 couldn’t knock him off his throne and no matter how much free shit Rockstar threw at Grand Theft Auto Online, Crash kept it at arms length with the magic power of nostalgia.

Crash is currently seething in third, scheming his way back to the top of the charts and sitting in second is known Dad game F1 2017. Despite being the highest selling single platform game of the year so far, Crash couldn’t keep it up month on month. While Lost Legacy doesn’t have a chance of holding the throne for two months like Crash did, good on Naughty Dog for slapping their oldest son in to place.

The combination of budget price, the Uncharted title, great reviews and a slight lull in this years packed release schedule means Uncharted: The Lost Legacy came in to the charts in the number one spot. I am enjoying this trend of mid-priced game though; between Crash Bandicoot, Wipeout Omega, Hellblade, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Lost Legacy, Lego Worlds and Everybody’s Golf (out today) we’ve had 8 retail games launch at a discounted price. And that is only counting the ones I paid attention to.

If you’re thinking of buying Uncharted: The Lost Legacy you can check out our review here.

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