Pokkén Tournament DX extra content

Pokkén Tournament DX extra content announced

When the cutesy creature brawler hits the Nintendo Switch on 22 September 2017, players will get to try out new Pokémon and new game modes!

The incoming Pokémon/Tekken mashup game published a new gameplay trailer today, which shows off some of the new features that Switch players can get their hands on!

New Pokemon lineup

Apart from brand-new battle Pokémon – Decidueye – the new version will also include four additional battle Pokémon from the arcade version:

  1. Darkrai
  2. Empoleon
  3. Croagunk
  4. Scizor

The new line-up now has 20 battle Pokémon at your disposal and a whole host of support Pokémon, including two new additions for this version:

  1. Litten
  2. Popplio

Pokkén Tournament DX extra content

Even more fun

Not content with bombarding players with more Pokés to use, there will also be a new “3 versus 3 team battle” mode to mix up the gameplay! This new mode lets you choose your 3 best battlers to take down an opponent’s Pokés one at a time. You will also be able to set up online groups with friends and battle to the top to declare yourself the ultimate trainer!

The new “replays” feature also looks useful for pro fighters, as you can watch previous battles to learn where it all went wrong as well as seeing your move inputs on the bottom of the screen. For players wanting to gain that edge in competitive play, this could be really valuable tool. You can also search for replays online to get tips from players around the globe!

Another nice bonus feature is the new daily challenges, which players can complete for rewards, like earning some skill points to upgrade your Pokés!

Of course, the new Switch release also has the benefit of being able to drop a battle on friends “anytime, anywhere, with anyone” using the Joy-cons individually.

All in all, it looks as though the Switch version will be worth the investment (even if you own a Wii-U copy!).

What do you think of the new features?

Will you be getting Pokkén Tournament DX once released?

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