Destiny 2 PC

Fucking Bizarre Destiny 2 Ad fails on all fronts

Except of course we are reporting on it, all press is good press I suppose.

The new Destiny 2 ad put out by GameStop is trying to advertise some sort of pre-order bonus for the game. Featuring a couple of polygonal men who can’t count (this is seriously the concept of the ad), the pre order bonus promises to track your kill count. Or something?

Does keeping track of other peoples kill counts mean something in Destiny? Who is this female character? It is neither of the lads we see in the ad, as far as I can tell. Does the pre-order bonus allow you to track someone else’s kill count? Does this mean you won’t know how many kills you have unless you have the pre-order bonus? Is “Numbers are difficult for some people.” a good punch line? Is it even the punch line? Is this meant to be a joke?

Get the answers to none of these questions and ask many more as you feast your eyes on one of the weirdest ads I’ve seen in a long time.

While the Beta of the game seemed to impress (we have impressions coming later in the week via our podcast), this ad certainly doesn’t. I can only assume it was rushed out last minute to cover a gap in their advertising before the games imminent release. As far as pre-order bonuses go this one seems particularly lame, assuming it does what I think it does… Which it might do?

Destiny 2 releases on the 6th of September for Xbox One, PS4 and October 24th on PC.

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