What was your Gamescom 2017 highlight?

This week we’re still reeling from the excitement that was Gamescom, where many big names in the world of gaming came together to “show us what they got”.

There were loads of new trailers and big reveals during the week, including: Final Fantasy 15 (PC Edition), Age of Empires 4, Jurassic World Evolution, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (Xbox), Star Wars Battlefront 2, Battlefield 1, the Xbox One X and so many more!

We asked the LLC gang and the community for their Gamescom 2017 highlight:


Gamescom 2017 Highlight

Naomi (Facebook)

I really like the look of The Good Life – murder mystery, rpg WHERE EVERYONE TURNS INTO CATS! The Professor Layton style is right up my street AND the lead character is a photographer called Naomi. Cool name huh? 😁

Laurence (Facebook)

Seeing Merkel test her next agricultural policy on farming simulator was pretty funny, but my highlight has to be the reactions of people who have been waiting years for a Shenmue III trailer, only for the character models to look and move like classic Thunderbirds puppets

Matt (LLC)

A difficult one for me…. but for the sheer spectacle I think it will have to be Chancellor Merkel nerding out to some Farming Simulator:

Aside from that photographic gem, the Jurassic World Evolution announcement made me very happy (especially as it is coming to consoles) but mainly because I love building sim games and genetically developing my own dinosaur, then having it potentially break loose around the park:

Finally, I really like the look Biomutant, the leaked (but now officially announced) title from the developers of Just Cause. The game has an array of cute characters plus the long-awaited return of “Thing T. Thing” from the Addams Family in a lead role:

Oliver (LLC)

The ridiculous amount of FFXV content was easily a highlight for me. I didn’t keep up with Gamescom much this year but my FFXV radar obviously picked up all the good shit. Which is as follows:

  • Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition – a mobile version that sort of looks like the DS remakes of FFIII and such, was teased to be coming to Switch too. I have an iPad Pro so I can play on there, but not if it sells for like £20, which it will. Apparently it is the full game too.
  • Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition – This is the PC port, it is in 4K and has some other good shit. We wrote a story on it here.
  • Episode Ignis Teaser – The trailer doesn’t have much going for it, but it is good to know Square hasn’t forgotten about the little chef with all their other FFXV stuff going on.
  • Assassins Creed Crossover Event Yeah.
  • August UpdateBestiary and Chapter Select. The monster designs are insanely cool but they are usually pretty busy trying to eat you so it will be a good chance to check ’em out. Also Noct stands next to them for scale looking like an absolute sad-boy pleb which is a laugh.

Hey Square, if you’re reading this how about a ring that lets you speed up time. Would be pretty handy.

Gary (LLC)

Being a fan of Blizzard it’s fair to say they brought my fair share of highlights thus far. In recent years Blizzard has been really making an effort at Gamescom bringing neat tidbits of information. This year was no different.

Most prominently for myself was the announcement of a new map coming to Overwatch. There were whispers on the wind, aka datamining, that the next map could be an Aussie Junkyard themed map, suitably called Junkertown. Well it turns out that was the case, and there was even a nifty short starring Junkrat and Roadhog. Exciting stuff.

Elsewhere we have Kel’thuzad making his way to Heroes of the Storm. Below is the awesome cartoon that announced it.

Then we have some neat StarCraft and Hearthstone news for good measure. Check out their mammoth 20 minute long preview package for all the info.

Craig (LLC)

In the absence of any major surprises, the highlights of Gamescom for me were getting a closer look at some forthcoming titles.

Obviously, evidence of Shenmue III being anything other than a pipe dream at this point is good news. Despite the character models looking weirdly emotionless, the game environments look absolutely beautiful.

Super Mario Odyssey showcased Luncheon Kingdom, which looks just as fun as you’d expect. The absolute highlight of the video though is Yoshiaki Koizumi non-ironically wearing a ridiculous replica Cappy.

Obligatory shout-out to the Sonic Forces tag team reveal as well. This mode pairs Modern Sonic and your custom character in a Knuckles Chaotix-cum-Sonic Heroes fashion. Despite looking clumsy, this new gameplay option is reported to work well and retains a good sense of speed.


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