Evil Within 2 Leak

Naughty boy leaks 30 minutes of Evil Within 2

Someone has leaked 30 minutes of Evil Within 2 and (obviously) monetised the shit out of it. Between the ads you can see some brand new footage right here on LLC.

At Gamescom (currently on going in Cologne, Germany) the media were allowed to have a sneaky peek at Evil Within 2, as long as they promised not to upload the footage anywhere.

A naughty boy has taken it upon himself to upload the footage to YouTube where it was promptly smacked with a takedown notice, but not before second, naughtier boy took that version and uploaded it to the big-slag-lols version of YouTube, Daily Motion.

This appears to be the opening 30 minutes of the new title, we can see leading man Sebastian having a scary run about with some monsters and a spooky mirror moment. The game continues to look pretty good and while the PS4 version put my console in to overdrive and dropped to about 3FPS whenever there was any cloth/material flapping around, I had a lot of fun with the PS3 version before hand.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments (if it hasn’t been taken down yet).

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