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Merkel: Gamescom’s MVP of 2017

In a week where all eyes are pointed towards Germany for Gamescom 2017, perhaps it is unsurprising that a famous German figure would show their face. We certainly weren’t prepared for the unique photo opportunities which presented themselves when Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared on stage next to cosplayers, including Mario and Sackboy, making it quite easy to declare Merkel Gamescom’s “Most Valuable Player”!

What else did Merkel get up to?

What, aside from actually standing for a photoshoot with Batman and Crash Bandicoot!? Surely she didn’t need to do anything else – that’s a game over!

Angela visited a number of the stands at the exhibition, including sharing the stage with the Ubisoft team, the Xbox and Sony teams, as well as actually playing a few games herself!

While appearing on stage with some of the big names in gaming, she looked strangely small and timid (for one of the most powerful leaders in the world).


This photo of the German Chancellor playing Farming Simulator is absolute gold:


Merkel had time to watch the Assassin’s Creed: Origins presentation during the Ubisoft event:


And finally she appeared in block form as part of the Minecraft: Education Edition demo during the Xbox presentation:

With German voters going to the polling boots next month, this appearance at a gaming conference is actually just electioneering…. but still made me smile.


The Key Question

After Germany’s main event, the industry’s gaze will soon turn to the UK for the EGX convention in September.

The gauntlet has been thrown down, so now the burning question remains – will Theresa May make an appearance?


Unconfirmed sources tell us that she inspired several of the villains in Middle Earth: Shadow of War, so it would make sense.

There has also been talk of a possible cross-over with Devil May Cry, making the odds look pretty good:


Did you enjoy seeing Merkel’s appearance at Gamescom?

Is this the weirdest gatecrasher at a gaming event?

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