ARMS character reveal

Incoming Global Testpunch and new ARMS character reveal

If you like punching people on the internet but don’t like paying for it, you are in luck. The Global Testpunch (sort of a beta, sort of a demo) returns this weekend along with a new ARMS character reveal.

ARMS has had an weird time over the last few months. It was released to good review scores but hasn’t exactly set the world on fire the same way Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe did. Despite being a new Nintendo game on a new Nintendo console, it sort of felt as though people were putting up with ARMS, but were really waiting for Splatoon 2 to come out.

In ARMS ver 3.0 we have a new character named Lola Pop who is obviously a french clown. Wearing parachute pants and wielding some new ARMS (or are they fists?), Lola is a cool character design. She can inflate her clothing in some sort of defensive manoeuvre and carries a nunchuck and ink stamping attachments (think the Bloopers in Mario Kart 8) in to battle. Lola brings with her 3 new ARMS and a new stage for all players of ARMS for free, which is great.

Check out the trailer of new girl Lola below, let us know what you make of her (or ARMS in general) in the comments.

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