Zlatan Legends: Footballer copy-pastes video game

Everyone’s favourite footballer, Zlatan Ibrahimović (no, I hadn’t heard of him either), puts his balls to one side for this new project – a mobile game based on his image!

The game is called “Zlatan Legends” and is available today on the App Store.


Balls (a load of)

The game itself looks (almost) fun, from the trailer above. The intense, skill-based bouncing action looks like it could hold my attention for an hour or so…

Apparently the game is based around a fictional futuristic sport called “Driftball” and essentially seems to be a copy-paste of an existing app only now with a cartoon footballer.

Confusingly, in a recent interview, Markus Koos from Isbit Games stated that the team wanted to avoid doing exactly that:

Koos adds that from the very conception of Zlatan Legends, the aim was to avoid reskinning previous games, which seems to be a model for some celebrity apps: “We didn’t want to copy-paste anything, like an auto-runner. We used to say in the office that Zlatan doesn’t auto-run, that became something of a mantra. We wanted something truly unique, but also something you can recognise. It has been designed from the ground-up, nothing is copied, and it’s been a great journey together with Zlatan to try and make this as ‘real’ a game as possible for the mobile platform.”

^ I smell bullshit.


Kickin’ it with the crew

I have absolutely no idea what Zlatan’s “crew” are all about, particularly why a footballer needs a giant blue-green alien to help him… but maybe I’m just really out of touch with the “beautiful game”.

The game also teases that you can compete around the universe, which again appears to be directly copied from the original Driftball art and design.

The two promotional screens are shown below, so you get to guess which one is the original and which one has been tweaked and released as a brand new game?


From the horse’s mouth

Apart from a batshit-crazy celebrity endorsement, this game seems to have nothing new to add, so I’m struggling to write any more about it!

Space adventurer Zlatan talks through this new vanity project in this behind-the-scenes video:


Do you like the look of this new release?

Does having a celebrity footballer add to the game’s appeal?

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