Sonic Mania Gameplay

We played Sonic Mania and made a video of it

If you aren’t suffering Sonic Mania fatigue yet, watch me and your boy Craig give the game a good seeing to.

So our YouTube channel has slowed down recently but we don’t intend for it to be that way for ever, oh no. We got a couple of  a good ones coming up next week but for now, check out some tasty gameplay from Sonic Mania (PS4 version).

Due to Sonic Mania being a 10/10 game of the year contender, it unceremoniously froze my PS4 at the end of Chemical Plant Zone Act 1, meaning we lost the first 17 minutes of our recording. Oh well, it was just bloody Green Hill anyway and you’ve seen that shit 1000 times.

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  • Thrillho

    I think the header image is perhaps a bit misleading about what this video might contain!

    • Oliver Guy

      It refers to the chemistry