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Lawbreakers player count falls from the sky after one week

The shaky start for ambitious gravity-defying FPS Lawbreakers gets worse now, as following the poor initial figures for the game we are now seeing a huge drop in the number of active players and livestreams. 

You views, you lose

Figures from shows a significant drop in the number of active players and viewers of Lawbreakers gameplay, from around 2,500 active players per hour at launch to below the 1000-mark one week later. The number of viewers has also tumbled from over 8,000 viewers per hour on launch day to as low as 150 this week. 

Even the bonus loot that was offered to players who logged in during a 24-hour window last week, as announced on the Steam community post, seemed not to improve the prospects for the game.

The game has fallen out of Steam’s “Top games by current player count” list as well, which should ring alarm bells for a brand-new AAA title.

lawbreakers players drop

Cliffy B’s cliffy face

The game, directed by former Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski, was praised by critics for the speed and fluidity of the gameplay, which rewards skilled, agile players for their lightning reactions. Cliffy B doesn’t seem phased by the sluggish start, having described the games’ progress in a recent interview as “a marathon, not a sprint”. The only issue with that analogy is that muscle cramps can often set in during long runs.

Players on Steam have also reviewed the game as “very positive” overall, which seems to indicate that those who have played Lawbreakers have enjoyed it…. but not enough players have tried it…

Without a free weekend or some sort of ridiculous early sale, it’s hard to see how to turn that around at this stage.

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Have you played Lawbreakers yet? (or watched any live streams?)

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