LLC Podcast Soundbite: Sonic The Hedgepod

Everyone knows you stop being cool when you know you’re cool, everyone except Sonic The Hedgehog that is.

In this special Sonic The Hedgehog podcast, to celebrate 26 years of the blue blur, Craig has taken the reins for one week only and invited Oli, Bryony and Matt to talk all through the ups and (many) downs of Sonic.

We cover everything from Sonic The Hedgehog through to Sonic Boom. Plus there are revelations galore – who was traumatised by Sonic The Comic? Who used to draw boobs on Sonic? Who loves Dic? It’s all here in this Sonic The Hedgehog podcast and much, much more.

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Time Stamps

0:00:00 – Sonic The Hedgehog podcast intro

0:02:16 – Earliest Sonic memory

0:06:35 – The 16-bit era

0:10:42 – iOS updates

0:12:49 – Sonic 4

0:14:13 – Sonic The Comic

0:17:15 – The Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog

0:20:51 – Sonic 3D: Flickies Island

0:22:05 – Sonic Adventure

0:22:54– Sonic Adventure 2

0:27:15 – Sonic Heroes

0:28:39 – Dr. Robotnik vs. Dr. Eggman

0:30:10 – Sonic The Hedgehog 200

00:31:52 – Sonic & The Secret Rings

0:34:22 – Sonic Advance

0:35:50 – Sonic Unleashed

0:37:46 – Why did it go so wrong in 3D?

0:42:38 – Craig‘s Watercolour Challenge

0:46:18 – Sonic Colors

0:48:40 – Sonic Generations

0:51:13 – Sonic Boom

0:58:05 – Favourite stage

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Long time Sonic The Hedgehog apologist. Love/hate relationship with Nintendo. Big fan of retro games, hater of modern retro-styled games. General grump and proud of it.