UFO 50

UFO 50 : Can you handle fifty 8-bit games in one?

Can you imagine fifty Nes games? That’s like 2.5mb of data! But five indie developers are making it happen. And they are bundling them all together in one package called UFO 50.

Derek Yu (creator of Splunky), Eirik Suhrke , Jon Perry (creator of Time Barons), Paul Hubans, and Ojiro Fumato (creator of Downwell) have teamed up to create an indie super tag-team that could make the Legion of Doom run for the hills in fear. Their first project due for release in 2018 is called UFO 50.

UFO 50 will contain, you guessed it, fifty games inspired by 8-bit Nintendo classics. The games take inspiration from NES classics and spread across multiple genres such as platformers, puzzlers, sims, sports, and racing. There are so many squeezed in it’s hard to imagine how the developers are possibly going to deliver on this promise.

And these aren’t scheduled to be quick little three-minute flash in the pan games. The developers have stated that completing all the games would take hundreds of hours to do. It’s a mammoth undertaking and I expect to see some truly dedicated speed-runners attempting this collection.

No price, platforms, or solid release date has been announced yet from the small team. All we have to go on is the delicious new trailer just released. And it’s enough to get anyone excited.

Feast your eyes on this 8-bit assault on the senses :