brutal doom v21

Brutal Doom v21 Dev Diary teases more details

If you aren’t familiar with Brutal Doom now is the time to take notice. After a year in development the impending  Brutal Doom v21 release is shaping up to be the biggest yet.

Brutal Doom is a love-song to Doom.  It doesn’t just update the 1993 Doom classic; it hurls it on-fire screaming into a firework factory. It’s easier to list the things that passionate modder Sgt_Mark_IV hasn’t added. Camera controls, the ability to jump, blood effects, screen-shake, smoke effects, begging enemies, new enemies, new guns, throwable barrels, new death animations…the list goes on and on.

And for almost a year now fans have been waiting for v21. This week a new dev diary showed some more progress; and boy is there a lot of it. V21 looks to add new guns, grabbable enemies, and most insane is the new water physics. If that doesn’t impress you remeber that this is being done for a game from 1993 where the player couldn’t even look up.

Check out the dev diary below and if you like what I see why not head over to the modders Pateron and show some support :