new street fighter v character

The new Street Fighter V character is absolutely hideous

Abigail is the new Street Fighter V character to be added to season two, he is absolute hideous. Coming from the Final Fight series, Abigail also brings a stage along with him.

This weekend was Evo 2017, the premier fighting game tournament that is enjoyed by thousands of people all over the world. They play all the big hitters like Tekken, SFV, Marvel vs Capcom 3 and King of Fighters as well as some of the smaller titles in side tournaments. Some publishers/developers also take to the stage at Evo to show off their new stuff.

Capcom originally had a panel at the show and the community expected some 30th anniversary related announcements but the panel was unfortunately cancelled (along with the King of Fighters panel). Capcom then said they would be showing something during the Street Fighter V Finals, which they certainly did.

new street fighter v character

The new character Abigail is coming to SFV as part of Season 2, he is a brawler type character (not a grappler) and he looks like a tumor. Coming from the Final Fight series, Abigail was a clone of Hugo in their original game and I sort of respect Capcom for not just reusing Hugo’s design with a few differences but… not like this.

The Final Fight stage Metro City Bay area looks pretty cool, I have fond memories of the music on that stage too so hopefully that makes it in, not that I would buy it anyway because it will be a fiver.

So the SFV train keeps on plodding on, check out the trailer below.

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