Mario Kart Arcade VR GP

First footage of Mario Kart Arcade GP VR

Mario Kart Arcade GP VR has it’s drivers don headsets, sit in actual karts and tracks their movements via wearable Vive tech. It is the closest you’re ever going to come to rear ending Toad in real life.

Sounds good, right? But what I have (cleverly) done, is hide the fact that this is a Japan only arcade game after the jump. Sorry mates.

This is still something worth getting excited over because of a few factors which I will list for you below:

  • This is Nintendo’s first official foray in to Virtual Reality
  • Mario Kart GP 1 and 2 both released in the West
  • VR Arcades have been talked about in the US/UK for a while, LLC’s favourite Arcade Club has a VR unit
  • It’s fucking Mario Kart in VR

Coming to Bandai Namcos VR Zone in Shinjuku (which opens today, why not pop in?) Mario Kart GP VR will have some slight changes to the formula, suspending items from balloons instead of in smashable boxes so you can reach out and grab them and new weapons like a hammer.

Check out the footage below, the thwomps are fucking massive.

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