Shakedown: Hawaii tells the story of business mogul turned Reality TV Star

In a plot that no way mirrors real life events, VBlank Entertainment’s Retro City Rampage follow up Shakedown: Hawaii tasks you with illegally building a monopoly.

Shakedown: Hawaii isn’t a business simulator though, it’s an open world game in the style of the early Grand Theft Auto games. If it is anything like it’s predecessor Retro City Rampage it will be absolutely packed full of missions, mini games and weird characters.

While RCR stuck to the “limitations” of 8-bit technology, S:H is a generational leap ahead with more SNES-esque graphics. The business take over aspect appears to be as a reward for completing missions as oppose to clever money management and real estate purchases, but that is fine by me. If I wanted a business sim I wouldn’t be buying the game with the guy with the rocket launcher on the cover.

I’m playing through Retro City Rampage on my 3DS right now and it is a good game. It is full of cheeky references that are absolute eye rollers but the gameplay is fun and super varied which I dig. If I had a Switch; S:H would be a sure fire purchase as it lends itself to being playable on the go.

Shakedown: Hawaii is coming to the Switch, 3DS, PS4, Vita and PC, release date TBD. Check the trailer out below

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