arms update

Nintendo releases first ARMS update

Nintendo has released the first free ARMS update, adding a new playable character and stage to the game.

The first ARMS update is now live, with Nintendo offering (amongst other things) a new playable character Max Brass and the Sky Arena stage. We reviewed the game last month and noted that it was a bit short on content – thankfully it seems Nintendo are as committed to the game as they were with Splatoon, which also launched with the promise of much more content to come.

arms update

Max Brass has been in the game since it was released, but this is the first time he’s been playable. With him come some new ARMS and a new versus mode Hedlock Scramble, which has players fighting to get their hands on the Hedlock mask, which temporarily boosts power.

A staple for fighting games, Nintendo has also added a Stats option to the main menu, allowing players to see their most used fighter, their best stage and their accuracy. There are also a slew of minor adjustments to characters’ movements and some bug fixes.

Pleasingly, Snake Park has been swapped out of the ranked match roster in favour of Sky Arena. The idea of fighting an opponent in a hoverboard skate park seems like a nifty idea, but the end result was a flawed concept that saw the game awkwardly trying to grapple with 3D platforming elements if your character fell off their hoverboard.

arms update

It’s good to see Nintendo are actively supporting their software. For a company that’s dragged its heels in the past, they’re certainly not resting on their laurels despite¬†ARMS proving to be a commercial success for the Switch and with their attention no doubt focused on the launch of Splatoon 2 later this month.

The full details of the ARMS update can be seen here.

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