Champions Ballad

Breath of the Wild DLC Champions Ballad takes place after BotW story

While Nintendo has remained tight lipped on the contents of Champions Ballad, naughty man Aonuma has revealed a couple of parts of the upcoming content to come to the eShop around Christmas.

The Champions Ballad is a story DLC focusing on Hyrule after you’ve ended Ganons reign of tyranny. At the JapanExpo in Paris¬†BotW Director Aonuma says you will continue to be playing as Link but will learn more about Zelda and the Champions in this new story bit. But more importantly the lobster shirt from the opening of Wind Waker will be returning!

Online communities had the impression that this would be a prequel DLC where you get to maybe play as Zelda but alas this is not the case. There hasn’t been much ¬†more info around this DLC other than the clip Nintendo posted to their official twitter earlier on today. Check it out below.

The game proved insanely popular and is definitely at the top of a lot of peoples potential Game of the Year lists so far. You can find our previous coverage of this huge title here.

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