Tekken bowl coming

Tekken Bowl coming soon, we got a GOTY candidate folks!

Tekken Bowl coming as dlc for Tekken 7 players. Check out the trailer here.

Before the release we had a new game mode advertised as part of the season pass. Naturally this led to speculation to what this mode it could be. The two biggest candidates were ball and bowl.

As it turns out we’re going down the bowling alley.

The mode first debuted in Tekken Tag Tournament back when the PS2 was still fresh on the scene. Personally I think it’s great to see a fun little mode return. Certainly however it would’ve been neat to have it as part of the original package so all players could give it ago, but hey you can’t win them all.

The important fact here is, Tekken Bowl is coming this August.

Now if you want a quick glimpse of the new mode, and Harada getting a couple strikes in a Bullet Club shirt, then check out the trailer below.

Excited for the new mode? Comment below.

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