Half Life 2 is boring

Message Board Poster thinks Half Life 2 is boring

A message board poster surprised the wider internet this morning with his intelligent insight that something people like might not be for him.

Arming himself with a clever title that he could be sure would infuriate the often sensitive sensibilities of other posters, thread creator -WarPigxXx- (name changed for protection, assumed male) proceeded to talk negatively of what is one of the industries most beloved titles.

Starting strong with “Half Life 2, is this it?” -WarPigxXx- continues to talk about the game in a way only a seasoned gaming veteran would in a hope to weed out the casual enthusiasts among his peers. After stating he has only played the first hour, the thread creator says Half Life 2 “feels like nothing more than a tech demo” and “every area is the same. It feels so generic.”

Using his genius to deconstruct the game to the abstract in a way the rest of us could only dream of, he says “I scan for the wooden panel and proceed from there”, a very clever commentary on the opening section of the game arming you with a crowbar and expecting you to fight your way through City 17.

Analysing the game in and of itself would prove too intense for most message board posters, so –WarPigxXx– breaks it down for people still struggling to grasp this advanced concept. By comparing the title to video games which are 15 years newer than Half Life 2, -WarPigxXx- lends a hand to us struggling to follow.

“I’m sure at the time the Source engine wow’d people, but now it’s old and nothing compared to what we have now so it’s less of a feature.”

The opening post ends with a plea to his fellow posters to drop the facade that everyone loves Half Life 2 “If the whole game is just wooden panels, exploding barrels and box stacking please be honest about it and let me know and I’ll play something else.”

At the time of writing –WarPigxXx– has decided to give it until the boat section, but explicitly states that ” I’m surprised at how many people think the first hours of any game should be boring though, that’s definitely not my opinion.”However our reporters are yet to find any evidence of posters thinking this way.

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