Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon Go still making money thanks to er… Well, we don’t know.

So the user base of Pokemon Go has obviously fallen off a bit, you can no longer walk the streets of your city or in the park and see a load of Trainers scrambling to catch a Weedle. It is still making mad money though.

In the year that Pokemon Go has been out it has generated a very cool $1.2 billion with 752 million downloads. That would be like if every single person in America and the UK downloaded the game twice each. That is mad. I should think that rival investors (even in other sectors) are probably looking at Pokemon Go and wondering what the fuck happened and how they can replicate it.

The user base has shrunk by 40% since launch (this is monthly stats, not daily) but that is still crazy impressive numbers, and without the Raids, Trading and Legendary Pokemon being added. Maybe Niantic are waiting for the height of summer and will sort of re-launch the game with the Pokemon Go update in place.

Free to Play is a strange beast, in the right hands it can generate $1 billion but in the very same hands you can get games like Super Mario Run and Miitomo that barely make a splash on the App Store. I shouldn’t think those two faults will stop Nintendo from putting more content on the App Store though, they probably made mad money in the short space of time they were popular too.


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