Sumo Digital just bought Digital Art Design Studio Atomhawk

Right now Sumo Digital are hard at work on Crackdown 3 and Dead Island 2, but they just acquired Atomhawk for an undisclosed amount. The UK games studio Sumo Digital has previously worked on titles such as Outrun 2 and the Sonic and All stars Racing series.

Atomhawk is a digital art and design studio that has worked on both movies and games. The studio was first opened in 2009 and has worked on Injustice 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy amongst many other high profile projects.

Atomhawk MD Cumron Ashtiani commented.

“This investment and strategic support enables us to realise our ambitions to drive our company forward – expanding the creative services we offer and the imminent opening of a second studio in North America.”

The Sumo CEO Carl Cavers had this to say.

“Atomhawk continues to build an impressive track record across games, film and digital media. Both companies will continue to operate independently with the acquisition allowing us to accelerate growth across the group.”

All very exciting and I wonder what this new partnership will come up with!

If you’re just hearing about Atomhawk for the first time, check them out here.

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