Crash Bandicoot PS4

Crash Bandicoot is PS4’s top seller for 2017

Within two days the loveable scamp Crash Bandicoot has outsold the previous top seller, Horizon Zero Dawn. Truly our Citizen Kane.

Do you want to play a game with a deep story, cool super detailed post apocalyptic setting, creative environments/enemies and meaningful interactions OR a game where you play as a creature whose arms come out the side of his fucking head and the hitboxes are so whack it makes the game harder than it ever needs to be?

Well the public has spoken and Crash Bandicoot has knocked Aloy and her cohorts off the top spot for the UK sales in 2017 making the N.Sane Trilogy the highest selling single format game of the year. Well done, Crash.

A bit of anecdotal evidence but the vast majority of my PSN friends are playing it, people are posting about it on social media and in my circles (I exist outside of this website, honest) everyone seems to love it.

A mix of nostalgia, budget price and some well done comparison videos have set up the game to sell well. I reckon we will hear news of Crash Party collection (Crash Bash/Team Racing etc) by the years end. There will probably be an announcement regarding Crash’s special cousin Spyro as well, HD collection or something.

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