New Amiibo 4 pack + dynamite D.Va statue

Take a look at the Zelda Champion Amiibo 4 pack and D.Va in statue form!

This article is an odd blend but hey it’s interesting to me so I’d thought I’d share.

Breath of the Wild – Champion 4 pack

First up we’re gonna have a squint at some upcoming Amiibo. To go along with the intriguing second dlc pack of BOTW‘s season pass we have an Amiibo for each champion. Naturally that means it’s bundle time!

Each of the champions are present. That’s Urbosa, Revali, Mipha and Daruk.

Unfortunately it’s Japan only at this point, though fingers crossed we get it too. If you want to nab one then head over to the Nintendo Japan store here for 6,480 yen.

Pretty tempting, though the dashing Revali is enough for me. I’d dearly love a Mipha but man did they do a number on the poor gals face.

Zelda 4 pack

D.Va Statue

Attention Overwatch mearch fans, let me tell you Blizz have created some wonderful statues.

First we had the series speedy mascot Tracer sporting a great dynamic pose. Then we had edgelord favourite Reaper who was followed by saucy sniper Widowmaker.

Each one of these came in at $150.


However the upcoming D.Va statue comes in at an eye-watering $450. Though it is undeniably beautiful. The statue not only features South Korea’s MVP Hana Song but she sits atop her striking MEKA unit as well. If you are interested then head over to the Blizzard store here.

d.va statue

Personally I really think they could make bank by manufacturing more affordable action figures, much like the giant ones they used to advertise the game at launch. Admittedly they would have to scale them down…sorry that’s barely joke. Honestly though they look so neat and I would easily buy a few of my favourite characters.

overwatch action figures

What do you think about the latest Amiibo and Overwatch statues? Let us know below.

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