Don’t even trip, dog: Rocket League will see addition of Rick and Morty DLC

I never thought I’d be writing about Rocket League with any enthusiasm but, sometimes, it’s just the way the news goesWith this Rick and Morty DLC for Rocket League two pop culture phenomena will merge and become something potentially not as good as either.

I joke, of course, because the knowledge that this DLC (made to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of RC-Cars-Play-Football) is gonna be found in free, common drops for completing offline matches: it looks like most people will be able to get them!

Get ready Earth Dimension C-137. Beginning on the 5th July everyone’s favourite asshole will appear as a topper, so too will scientifically-proven-piece-of-shit Morty. The DLC also gives players a chance to get other aesthetic items featuring characters like Mr Meeseeks, Mr Poopybutthole and everyone’s favourite talent competition hosts: The Cromulon. Also mentioned are items like the International GB booster and wheels styled like Rick’s infamous green portal. 

I am a hardcore hater of Rocket League, but this announcement has made me consider Squanching my way through a few games so I can lay claim to some of these useless yet beautiful items, if it was already on Switch I may be even more tempted. I also believe they have missed a trick by not naming this: Roy’s Rocket League.

I will, as with the rest of the world, await this with excitement. If you fancy taking a look at the official announcement find it here. Meanwhile, to Psyonix and Adult Swim, I say this: SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT.

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