battlefront 2

Loot Crates in Star Wars Battlefront 2. EA strikes back!

Yep, so we have Loot Crates in Battlefront 2. It seemed too good to be true now, didn’t it? Worst of all: it’s not cosmetic…

Recently EA had so far been making incredible strides with Battlefront 2. Seemingly righting the wrongs of the first game.

There is a promising new story, characters, and troops from different time periods plus even free DLC. I’m not going to lie it was all very exciting and personally I was very tempted. Now I am a sucker for Star Wars but not really an FPS guy so that is quite some feat.

Today, however, things changed slightly: They now have added loot crates into the game. Presumably, this is to offset the free DLC.

Now if it was purely cosmetic I would think, hey why not. However, the loot is balance changing. Basically, they reward you with more effective abilities. I just hope it doesn’t tip the game into a pay to win direction.

Check out the video below chronicling the loot boxes.

Does this factor into your interest in the game?

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